MY-R16-EK166 MfgTool User Guide

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Install PhoenixSuit

1)Download the PhoenixSuit_CN.msi file and double-click to run.

Click next
MY-R16-CB166 bum1.png

2)Select the software installation path and click next.
MY-R16-CB166 bum1-2.png

MY-R16-CB166 bum1-3.png

3)Click Next to install the driver.
MY-R16-CB166 bum1-4.png

4)Installation complete
MY-R16-CB166 bum1-5.png


1)Copy the compiled packaged firmware to your computer.

2)Android firmware is in the ~/R16/lichee/tools/pack directory, sun8iw5p1_android_evb-30_uart0.img file

3)Linux firmware is in the ~/tinaV2.1/out/astar-parrot/ directory
tina_astar-parrot_uart0.img file

4)Open the PhoenixSuit software, click on the button to flash and click Browse to select the firmware to be programmed.
MY-R16-CB166 bum2-1.png

5)Connect the computer to the development board with a USB cable, press and hold the VOL+ button on the development board, then turn on the power until the VOL+ button is released when the following window pops up, and click "Yes"
MY-R16-CB166 bum2-2.png

6)Waiting for programming to complete。
MY-R16-CB166 bum2-3.png

7)Burning completed
MY-R16-CB166 bum2-4.png