MY-IMX6 Linux-3.0.35 System Logo Development

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u-boot LOGO modification

Download tool

  • PathnameP

2.1_system_Linux-3.0.35 > 04_development instruction > 01_ system LOGO

  • File instruction

Bin2C.exe:to convert BMP to .c file.
.myzr.bmp:sample image file(8 bit BMP).
myzr.c:sample.c file.

Prepare LOGO image file

Prepare BMP format(8 bit)image file.

Data conversion

Convert image file to C file with Bin2C.exe.

Modify code

Modify C file

  • Modify variable name to be consistent with code in u-boot,to ensure data to be transfered correctly.

Compile the c file created above,modify.
unsigned char acmyzr[] = {

const unsigned char myzr_bmp_logo[] = {

  • Add definition of data size

Insert the line before "End of file"
int myzr_bmp_logo_size = sizeof(myzr_bmp_logo);

Replace C file

Change myzr.c to be named as myzr_bmp_logo.c,then replace board/myzr/common/myzr_bmp_logo.c in u-boot source code with it.


Refer to《MY-IMX6 Linux-3.0.35 compilation manual


Renew system to the new u-boot.
Re-boot and LOGO needed will be shown on LCD screen of evaluation board.

The guide for kernel modify LOGO is easily found in internet, so it is ignored here.